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1). Maximization of display area: Strive to obtain maximum display area and more display points. Aside from displaying on water bottle category shelf,strive to display repeatedly by hanging or placing on shelf of related categories as kitchen products, sports products, etc.

2).Optimization of display position: According to following rules: (1) Beside main entrance and elevator, (2) On two sides of main passage or as nearto main passage as possible, (3) Place with highest population flow, (4) Beside products with good sales, (5) Beside cashier's counter or at turn angle,(6) On shelf 20cm lower than horizontal vision line (about 1 - 1.7m from floor or 3rd to 6th layer from bottom of shelf, (7) In the middle of samcategory products.

3).Concentration and arrangement of products: All products are arranged into a square array. All water bottles of same specification and type are arranged latitudinally with front side outward. Based on size of display area, several water bottles are taken off to create vacancy and good sale atmosphere. Thearrangement of price label should correspond to product. Product with price difficult to understand often makes consumer difficult to buy.

4).Highlighting of star products: Sales of water bottle in different regions and seasons have relatively great variation. Color and type in good sale should be adjusted promptly. Star product under sales promotion should be displayed at the optimal position with increased area. Attention should be paid to posting of POP for sales promotion. Display area of slow selling color and type should be correspondingly reduced.

5).Standardization of display sequence: Products should be arranged orderly from top to bottom according to volume and price with products of small volume and low price on primary visual field (usually upper part of shelf) and products of large volume and high price on secondary visual field (usually lower part of shelf) to highlight the low price advantage of product. If possible, place the water bottle beside competitor's famous product to increase the chance of being scanned, and beside competitor's high price product to highlight price comparison.

6).Diversification of prompt supplementation: Products should be supplemented promptly after sale. Earlier the supplement, more will be the sales opportunity. Slow selling color should be replaced and incomplete color supplemented promptly. Attention should be paid to expand the display of color water bottle of good sales.

7).Keeping products clean: Water bottle should be cleaned with soft towel periodically to keep it bright. Products with dust will give people an impression of slow selling products.

8).Optimization of image: Water bottle of improper image should be replaced promptly, for example: replacing scratched bottle body and damaged bottlecap, sticking unglued packaging box, screwing tightly detached bottle cap, etc., otherwise the image of product and sales opportunity will be greatly decreased.

9).Vivification of brand atmosphere: Products on shelf, like models on T platform, should be made beautiful and vivid to attract more eyesight. Consumer's scanning shelf products is only a very9). short time, and a very small action can attract his (her) attention and make him (her) buy. Forexample: placing suitable number of suspended flag, line sticker, vibrating card, vertically inserted card, sectional table board, sales promotion advertisement, etc. on shelf and X shelf, standing board, video advertisement, etc. beside shelf.

Terminal maxim: Detail decides success or failure! Display decides success or failure.