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Taking successful market in Asia Pacific region as example and regional agent as sales nucleus of So-kid's brand, we swear to take the terminal route:

A、Market support:

①、Scientific exact advertisement in authoritative media to propagate and establish effectively brand image.

②、Unified design of brand image and sales promotion equipment; financial support policy.

③、Unified professional training and guidance for terminal employees.

④、Supply of sales promotion product; planning of sales promotion activities of rich and varied subjects.

⑤、Sole distributor system, strict market management system, and favorable profit return policy to ensure distributor's long term stable benefit.

B、Requirement for regional agent:

①、The leader having modem marketing project and keep marketing resource.

②、Having more than 3 years of professional experience, many years of terminal brand operation experience, and terminal sales network.

③、Having certain capital and a professional marketing and sales promotion group.

④、Following the brand route firmly and willing to seek long term development with So-kid's brand.