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Water bottle is different from ordinary food containers and daily used plastic products. It is taken with the owner and can showuser's taste and status. It is used frequently under different environments for long time storage of drinks. It is a living companion related closely with sports and health. Chinese 5000 years tea culture gives it more meaning. Many developed countries in the world place food container on a par with food, drug and cosmetics and place it under strict control of governmental public healthdepartment. As it is closely related with health, more attention is paid on the brand. This is the basic reason why So-kid's waterbottle can have a global sale.

Though everyone knows that low price water bottle made of non-food grade and waste regenerated plastics is hazardous to health,these products can still be found on Chinese market, especially rural market, on account of the characteristics of plastic resin products (similar appearance, difficult to distinguish with naked eyes). This requires guidance to guide the consumers with brand and to put an end to false and bad products.

Following the track of successful plastic resin products, as Colgate, Crest and Gilette Oral-B, which created toothbrush brands to make a toothbrush of several jiao rise to several yuan and even to more than ten yuan, 3M Scotch brush(sponge) and water bottle should take brand route and use brand to get high return rate and long return period. With the development of Chinese economy and rise of living standard, people will more and more pay attention to health and products related to health.

So-kid belongs to all. It also belongs to the world. So-kids to-morrow will be more magnificent. Let us hand in hand....